Amanda Hamilton's Juice Fast Retreat At Champneys Health Resort

After eating my bodyweight in cheese over the festive holidays and getting into the spirit of snacking all day,  it's very difficult to get back to normal, healthy eating. And the freezing start to 2016 just makes want me to dive into a bowl of creamy pasta. 

January should really be comfort eating month but sadly the enjoyable excesses of December must be rectified.   One way to do this, is by completing a three day juice fast at Champneys Tring Health Resort, run by nutritionist Amanda Hamilton. 

I first attended a juice fast retreat hosted by Amanda, back in January 2006.  After seven days of drinking juices and vegetable broth at the retreat in Andalusia, Spain, I returned home feeling physical and mentally better - ready for the year ahead. 

Amanda, who is the best selling author of Eat, Fast, Slim, now also organises three day and five day juice fasts at Champneys in Tring. When she invited me to attend a three day fast over a weekend in  January 2015, it was a no-brainer!

Each morning we enjoyed an energising walk around the beautiful hotel grounds.   In between making use of the spa facilities and enjoying thalassotherapy pool sessions, we drank five thick juices a day (half a glass) Juices include the Whitegrass Whip, the Gut Soother which contains pineapple, pear, carrot and ginger, and Veggie Apple Magic – cucumber, carrot, celery and apple.

 In the evening, we helped ourselves to big ladleful servings of tasty vegetable broth. The broth was surprisingly chunky,  so I never went to bed feeling ravenous.    

 The final juice of the day, just before bedtime, was served warm in a teacup. It’s a lovely touch and done purely for the comforting, psychological boost. 

  During the retreat, Amanda talked about the science bit behind fasting and answered questions on all things nutrition. For example, I was stunned when she revealed that drinking those heavily advertised 'good bacteria' bottles every day, is a total waste of money and makes no difference to your digestive system. What a con!

The healthy juices, nutritional advice and spa surroundings are lovely, but the main reason most people go on a detox is to lose weight,  so I'm pleased to report I lost an impressive four pounds.  And when I got home, I rewarded myself with a plate of spaghetti carbonara. No January guilt attached.

Amanda holds detox retreats at Champneys Tring throughout the year.  

For more info go to the Champneys website



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Lose 4 lb on a Champney's luxury juice fast spa weekend. A review of Amanda Hamilton's luxury fast retreat weekend