Heathrow personal shopping launch, London

My holiday officially begins as soon as I enter the departure lounge.  I know I can give myself permission to officially relax.  I love soaking up the atmosphere, buying the must read book everyone's been raving about, enjoying a drink and a snack, then wandering around the shops.

But the pre-flight experience can become very stressful if there's something I've forgotten at home or a last minute holiday purchase I need to make. And what if it's been one of those days and I’ve left everything to the last minute including getting my flight? This is where the launch of the free personal shopping service at Heathrow will fly to my rescue.

Time poor travellers can book an accredited stylist to shop around the 300 plus outlets at Heathrow and buy whatever you need before you get to the airport. All you need to do is make sure you arrive in enough time to pick up the selection, pay for it and head to your departures gate. And if like me, you count the departure lounge as the beginning of your holiday, you can relax and hang out with no shopping pressure. 

This free service is the first of its kind and is already proving hugely successful whether you’re a regular traveller, a once a year holidaymaker or a jet setting supermodel. Erin O'Connor was at the launch at Somerset House and told me why she loves the service.

‘The personal shoppers have incredible fashion and beauty insight, which means they can pull a selection for me before I even arrive at the airport. I can make the most of my time before I board my flight. ‘ Certainly any service that makes me feel like a supermodel has got to be a good thing.

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Heathrow Airport is the first international airport to launch a personal shopper service. This VIP personal shopping experience provides travellers and holidaymakers with a stylist free of charge.