Kate Smith, Contributor, New York City 

 Sanjeeta met Kate in 2004 when they both worked at Saturday Express magazine. Kate loves an overseas adventure and joined Sanjeeta  backpacking in Argentina in 2010.  

She relocated to New York last year when she realised most of her London peers had swapped their stilettos for slippers the moment they turned 30.

A freelance writer and script reader, Kate is now living the Lena Dunham dream in Brooklyn.

Kate's favourite thing about New York: "Being able to get a cream cheese bagel and iced coffee delivered to my door when I have a hangover."

                                           Contact Kate: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ben Cherrington, Contributor, Rio de Janeiro

Ben has lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro for several years. Sanjeeta met Ben in 2010 when he helped out behind the bar at the legendary Mellow Yellow hostel in Copacabana, home to some fabulously fun Rio nights. Ben makes a mean caipirinha and speaks fluent Portuguese.  

Ben’s favourite thing about Rio: "The city has an infectious energy and happiness. If I’m ever feeling a bit low I heard to Pedra do Leme at the end of Copacabana beach. The view instantly cheers me up!’

Melanie Reid, Contributor, Sydney

Mel was born and brought up in Sydney. Sanjeeta met Mel in 2010 at a house party in Glebe, Sydney. By day Mel works in project management and interior design. By night, she's seeking out what's new and fabulous on the Sydney bar and restaurant scene.

Mel’s favourite thing about Sydney: “I always loved the wide range of cultures and foods available in Sydney and the all round sunshine!  I would struggle to live anywhere that was a bit grey and grim.”

Michele Pacillo, Contributor, Rome

Sanjeeta met Michele in February 2010 at the beginning of Carnaval in Salvador, Brazil and was immediately impressed with his knowledge of the regional differences in Brazilian cuisine.  Thus,  over a plate of Feijoda in Salvador's old town, a friendship was born. Michele is a travel enthusiast who loves learning about other cultures. He previously spent five years living in Dublin. Michele has lived in Rome for four years and is originally from the Apulia region, on the south east coast -"the heel of Italy's boot."

Michele's favourite thing about Rome: "I love the stunning sunsets you can see from Pincio Hill near Villa Borghese Park & Gallery. You see exactly why Rome is such a magical city."

                                  Sadaf Razi, Contributor, New York City

Sanjeeta and fashion editor turned stylist, Sadaf, became friends when they worked together at FAMOUS magazine in Sydney. Last year, Sadaf woke up with a “If I don’t do it now I never will” epiphany.  Six months later she moved to NYC. Sadaf's work received worldwide coverage when she styled Kylie Jenner, for the cover of the September issue of Australian magazine Girlfriend.

Sadaf’ s favourite thing about New York: “I love that the city can kick your ass one day but then two hours later a complete stranger can strike up a warm conversation with you and make you feel everything will be alright." 

Sadaf’s agent: http://www.ba-reps.com/stylists/sadaf-razi      

                                                You can follow Sadaf on Instagram


                               Maria Giertta, Contributor, Hong Kong

Sanjeeta met Maria during a bizarre champagne fuelled afternoon watching a rugby game in Waverley Park, Sydney. Athough neither of them like rugby, they bonded over their love of champers. Maria is originally from Stockholm, Sweden and she cites being Swedish as the reason why she's so good at holding her liquor. In her spare time,  Maria loves designing and making exquisite jewellery.  After living in London and Sydney,  Hong Kong has been Maria's home for the past year. 

Maria's favourite thing about Hong Kong: "The ease of life. Everything is  conveniently located. And there is so much to do.  You can hike, go to the beach and also enjoy an hectic nightlife. I am always only a stumble distance away from home." 

                               Kelly Brooks, Contributor, London

Sanjeeta became friends with fellow solo backpacker Kelly, in Rio de Janeiro four years ago. Kelly has travelled all over the world and she would love to return to ‘magical, mystical’ India. Kelly lives in South London, where she runs Yoga classes - mixing Iyenger, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa flow.

Kelly’s favourite thing about London: “There’s so many random, fun things to do. I particularly love Zoo Lates – on summer evenings you can enjoy music, comedy, street food around the world and of course animals!”

Check out her blog Kelly Brooks Yoga, her Facebook PageTwitter and Instagram for daily inspiration.


Sanjeeta met Chinwe at university many moons ago and they've been the best of friends ever since. This has been quite a feat considering Chinwe has spent the last 12 years living in Germany. As well as being mum to two beautiful boys Noah and Timon, Chinwe is an accomplished singer as part of singing group Toochi  For more on Toochi please go to the Toochi website