Fabulous fizz and cocktails to get the New Year's Eve party started

Sometimes I try fabulous recipes that deserve to be shared - and my homemade eggnog and raspberry liqueur are definitely two of them. Especially at this time of the year!  

I don't like making anything too complicated but they're both super simple - and perfect for any festive or New Year’s soiree or party. Making your own raspberry liqueur is a fun way of turning celebration bubbly into a glamorous champagne cocktail. 

While a Kir Royale is pure glamour, eggnog is luxury comfort in a glass -the perfect winter pick me up. This frothy cream liqueur is made with rum or bourbon and its roots can be traced back to England in the 1700s - when it was popular among the aristocracy.


These days, eggnog is a staple part of traditional holiday celebrations.  In Canada and America you can even buy it in cartons from the supermarket! 

My friend and hostess with the mostess Kathryn first introduced me to its heavenly taste,  as she always makes it for her own festive get-togethers with friends. The past couple of Christmasses, I've been making my own eggnog and my family absolutely love it! 

There are lots of different eggnog recipes out there but I followed the one on the Waitrose website and it is truly amazing!  I’ve written a version of the recipe below that gives you the same delicious results without coping with the British Bake Off type jargon.

I’ve included cinnamon sticks when serving but this is for decorative purposes, as I think they look cute in the glass.  I used a decent quality dark rum to ensure a strong flavour but you can use a light run if preferred.

Once you've gathered all your ingredients, you need to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites – I always use the empty plastic bottle technique

The Waitrose recipe states you need an electric whisker but I used an ordinary whisk (along with some wrist action!) and my guests had no complaints about my frothiness! I've also added a bit more milk than Waitrose recommends,  to prevent a thick milkshake consistency.  

Once made, I recommend leaving the eggnog in the fridge for a little while before serving,  as the colder it is the more delicious (you can also pour over ice)  Your ready made eggnog will keep in the fridge for 24 hours.

My raspberry liqueur recipe (below) is taken from Channel 4 TV show SuperScrimpers. On the programme, a rather marvellous money saving expert called Lady Lesley, shared her simple recipe for making  blackberry liqueur using cheap vodka. This is a brilliant alternative to buying cassis de crème.

I love Kir Royales but prefer chambord in my bubbly so I replaced the blackberries with raspberries. And after sieving the raspberry syrup, the leftover seeded raspberries turn into jam - so absolutely nothing is wasted! My raspberry liqueur recipe is below. If you want to follow the blackberry liqueur recipe it's here.

The liqueur should be stored in a cool and dark place and is fabulous in prosecco,  champagne or enjoyed on its own as an after dinner liqueur. And when packaged in a nice bottle, it makes a great gift.  Hope you can give both recipes a try and enjoy! 

Luxurious Eggnog 

Prep time: 25 minutes

Serves: 6


2 large eggs separated

25g caster sugar

100ml rum or bourbon

220ml whole milk

150ml double cream

freshly grated nutmeg

cinnamon sticks to serve (optional)


Firstly measure all your ingredients and place them in bowls and cups in front of you.

Add the caster sugar to the egg yolks and whisk vigorously for a few minutes until mixture is light and fluffy.

Gradually whisk in the rum or bourbon.

Whisk in the milk. Once all the milk is whisked in, whisk the whole mixture again.

In the separate bowl whisk the egg whites together. Add in the boozy egg mixture very slowly, a little at a time.

In the separate bowl,  whisk the double cream vigorously for a minute and then whisk the cream into the mixture.

Pour into glasses and serve with a dusting of grated nutmeg and a cinnamon stick. 

(The Waitrose recipe can be found here)

Raspberry Liqueur (makes two bottles)

Prep time: 15 minutes plus 30 minutes cooling time

Ingredients: 300g fresh raspberries

450g caster sugar

pint of water

500ml cheap vodka


Microwave the raspberries for one minute.

Add the sugar and mash together with a potato masher. 

Place the bowl back into the microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds or until boiling - this will also sterilise the mixture.

Strain the mixture using a sieve - it should resemble a thin syrup.

Leave syrup to cool for an hour.

Add the water and vodka and stir.

Decant into two clean bottles.

And get ready to celebrate. Happy New Year!


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