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S’Ametller restaurant | Ibiza | Balearic Cuisine

There is always a risk of sampling too much style over substance when you’re holidaying anywhere as fashionable as Ibiza. So S’Ametller near Ibiza port must be a breath of fresh Mediterranean ocean air to the Island’s foodie scene. This rather rustic looking restaurant isn’t glamorous but you won't care because the food and service is so damn fabulous.

S’Ametller (The Acorn Tree) is owned by head chef Marga Orell and her partner Joan Ferrer, the restaurant manager. There is quite a traditional vibe going on, with Spanish only menus.  On my visit Joan was on hand to translate everything and helpfully suggest combinations that would go well together.

For starters I had sautéed green beans, ham and sage salad. This juicy yet delicately flavoured dish certainly whetted the appetite for what was in store - and I wasn't disappointed. Black sepia rice with cuttlefish, prawns and saffron aioli sauce proved a very rich and filling main course. The dessert menu sounded so intriguing I gave in to curiosity and ordered two – flao, a sweet cheese and mint flan (which Joan told me was a Balearic Islands specialty) and chocolate soup!

I loved how the flavours in the flap alternated from savoury to sweet. One of my friends ordered this too but decided it was too ‘weird tasting’ for her. The Chocolate Soup served in a glass was as blissful as it sounded  - and we were all in agreement about that. A pre-fixed 3-course meal with a glass of wine included cost 24 euros. There is also have a four course menu with wine at 36 Euros.

We had booked our taxi for 11pm but by that time we had only just finished our mains so our poor taxi driver ended up driving around for a good half an hour or so before we felt ready to leave. 

A meal at S'Ametller should be enjoyed languorously!  Don’t let the simple décor and reasonable prices fool you; this is an A list Ibiza experience.

Calle Pere Frances
12, 07800 Ibiza Town
Ibiza, Spain

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S’Ametller is a top ranked Ibiza restaurant serving Balearic cuisine, located in Ibiza old town. Fantastic reasonably priced Ibiza food and VIP service